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Artefacts - Groupes de musique Bouches-du-rhone

6 mai - Artefacts (trio)Maneo

3 juinArtefacts - InaugurationDomaine Bargemone

14 juinArtefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

21 juin - Artefacts - Fête de la musique - Cabannes

22 juin - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo

28 juinArtefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

29 juin - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo
1er juillet - Artefacts (trio)Maneo

6 juillet - Artefacts - Château d'Astros

12 juillet - Artefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

13 juillet - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo

15 juillet - Artefacts (trio) - Luberon Parc *****

16 juillet - Artefacts - Fréjus Fête son Port - Fréjus

20 juillet - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo

21 juillet - Artefacts - Fête des 3 Lacs - Rochebrune

26 juilletArtefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

29 juillet - Artefacts - Fête du village - Saint-Roman-de-Malegarde

2 août Artefacts - Château Val Joanis

8 août - Artefacts (duo) - Château La Coste

9 août Artefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

10 août - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo

12 août - Artefacts (trio) - Luberon Parc *****

14 août - Artefacts - Fête de la Saint-Laurent - Rians

15 août - Artefacts - Kon Tiki Riviera Village - Ramatuelle

16 août - Traspigut Quartet - Bal de la Libération - Draguignan

17 août - Artefacts - Château d'Astros

18 août - Artefacts - Festival Vivre Culture - Turriers

23 août Artefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

24 août - Artefacts (trio) - Terre Ugo

2 septembre - High Kontakt - Fête du village - Le Rouget-Pers

6 septembre Artefacts (trio) - Domaine Bargemone

8 septembre - High Kontakt - Fête votive - Rognes

24 septembre - Artefacts - Concert - Boulbon

NB : Ce calendrier n'affiche que nos dates publiques et ne garantit donc pas notre disponibilité à d'autres moments

Artefacts Music

Pour nous découvrir cet été 2023,
nos dates publiques & gratuites :

Live music in the South-East of France

The 2020 season and the uncertainty surrounding covid are an opportunity to restructure and meet some talented professionals from the region.  

As the 2021 season approaches, the association takes on a new name, after its new central and full-time project  Artefacts .

As they juggled welcoming new faces, rehearsals of the new sets, the reformation of the  Traspigut Quartet  and the upgrade of its rehearsal and recording studio, the Artefacts Music bands ensured more than thirty performances over the season and ended up full of projects!

Le collectif
Artefacts Music Background
Artefacts Music Background

Artefacts Music is a musical collective hosting 3 music bands...

Cette initiative transcrit notre volonté de rendre visible une approche moderne, locale, originale et qualitative de ce que peut être la musique live, avec des répertoires éloquents et variés, une direction artistique originale, et un mélange de partage, de surprise, de plaisir, de finesse et d'énergie.

  • Depuis 2017, nous avons mis en musique une grande variété d'événements en Région PACA : mariages, anniversaires, séminaires, baptêmes, soirées privées, restaurants, hôtels, et plus récemment fêtes de village, fêtes votives et animation d'événements publics divers.

Groupe de musique pop rock
Groupe de musique anniversaire
Groupe de musique entreprise
Groupe de musique mariage
Groupe de musique professionnel
Professional music band

We have been playing along the French Riviera, in Provence and elsewhere in the region since 2017. We provide live shows for private (individuals and businesses) and public events.

Duo musical
groupe de musique jazz
Groupe de musique animation
Groupe de musique concert privé

Would you be tempted by a lounge instrumental band for your cocktail, a jazz quartet for your wedding, a festive group for your birthday, a subdued trio for your tasting session, a DJ set for the second part of your evening... or all of these together?

Our experience entertaining different kinds of evenings and events, along with our professional sound equipment, allow us to provide you with custom turnkey formulas taking your budget, your audience and your expectations into account.

Groupe de musique festif
Groupe de musique DJ
sonorisation événement

To learn more:

Artefacts Music Bands

Discover our bands

Artefacts Music YouTube Channel

Listen to our musicians

Artefacts Music Contact

Contact us

HK premier concert
HK premier concert 2
HK Tous soudés
Artefacts music - Collectif musical PACA

For 2 years, all united, the musicians of  High Kontakt  went across the region and more, going as far as night driving a van for 6 hours, and accepting all kinds of requests. Their hard work helped them to build up, little by little, and over the course of about sixty concerts, the know-how and the equipment fleet of the association.

These extended shows, these too small, too cold, too hot or too humid stages, these installations and dismantling without meals, these soundchecks improvised with the means at hand, these unforeseen events of all sorts, now allow the team to bring sound to 3 different locations in the same evening, to manage complex productions serenely, and to keep a smile once on stage.

In 2017, a calendar coincidence brought Théo and Constantin back to their native region, in Aix-en-Provence's countryside, and led them to organise a concert with a group of friends who were already playing together.


A great synergy, a lot of enthusiasm, confidence, and off they went to set up an association and giving gigs in Aix-en-Provence, trusting eye contact to finish pieces they had barely repeated.

The Collective

Le studio
Studio Enregistrement PACA Bouches-du-Rhône

The Studio / YouTube

In their small village in the north of Bouches-du-Rhône, the Lounis brothers set up a studio. The objective: to facilitate the rehearsals of the various projects, which were starting to scroll more and more regularly in 2019.

Quickly, the place gained in comfort, in acoustic quality and in ergonomics. Théo is a graduate in audiovisual production, Constantin has a self-taught but diligent background in computer music, and everyone felt the need to make public what the musicians had to offer.

It did not take much more to envision creating a YouTube channel, dedicated to showing the different projects through various cover arrangements, and which could serve as a pretext to keep training the musicians who were interested in the specifics and thoroughness of studio work.

At the end of 2019, a first recording work was undertaken, and a first cover was published on the channel. Others quickly followed.

In 2020, the team was reinforced by Atlantine, who lent her voice to a yet increasing number of covers - and projects.

Two years after their publication, the first videos of the channel have already aged, with a qualitative difference that is difficult not to notice. However, Theo and Constantin chose to keep them online, and to acknowledge (more or less easily) the first ingredients this adventure began with.

The YouTube channel is today an important transversal project used to try out (sometimes) good ideas, invite and meet other musicians, and share studious but always formative and enriching moments.

Studio Enregistrement Traspigut

Demeurant un outil de rencontres, le studio est à la disposition de tout projet sérieux qui souhaiterait enregistrer une maquette, un EP, réaliser une captation vidéo de Live Session, etc...

Les compétences de Théo, diplômé de l'ESRA en réalisation audiovisuelle, et Constantin, autodidacte passionné en MAO et production audio, permettent d'offrir une vitrine aux différents projets du collectif, au travers d'arrangements de reprises diverses. La chaîne YouTube est aujourd'hui un projet transversal important dont se servent les Lounis pour tester des envies (pas toujours sérieuses), inviter et rencontrer d'autres musiciens, et donner des idées aux organisateurs de spectacles publics comme privés.

Artefacts Music Background
Artefacts Music Background
Constantin Lounis - Batteur & Arrangeur

Constantin Lounis

Drummer, Arranger, Sound engineer

Quentin "Mouz" Carmouze - Chanteur & batteur

Quentin "Mouz" Carmouze

Singer, Rapper, Drummer

Raphaël Wieruszevsky - Guitariste

Raphaël Wieruszewski


Antoine Garns - Ingénieur son

Antoine Garnier

Sound engineer

Théo Lounis - Guitariste

Théo Lounis

Guitarist, Arranger, Video editor

Cécile Giraudo-Tirelli - Chanteuse

Cécile Giraudo-Tirelli 


Thibaut "Dibo" Roussel - Bassiste

Thibaut Roussel


Laurent Stehelin - Photographe & cadreur

Laurent Stehelin

Photographer, Video editor

Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua - Chanteuse

Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua

Singer, Guitarist

Gaël Berlinger - Piano

Gaël Berlinger



Sergio Armanelli



Pierre Escrivant

Maxime "Mex" Cholvy - Chanteur & Bassiste

Maxime Cholvy

Singer, Bassist

Clément "Doma" Brisoux - Guitariste

Clément Brisoux



Pierre-Dominique Spinosi


The artists

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