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Idée Animation musicale

Pas toujours évident de se retrouver organisateur d'événement, de savoir comment bien mettre la musique au service de sa soirée, ou de se faire une idée précise de ce qu'implique une telle prestation...

Vous pouvez télécharger notre plaquette d'information où figurent quelques idées d'accompagnement chiffrées, qui pourront nourrir votre réflexion ou servir de base à notre échange.

Tarifs groupe de musique

The prices of our services depend on several factors and vary between € 500 and € 2,500: the band(s), the number of musicians, the sites to be sounded, the duration of the shows, the equipment required, the event location, and any other services in your package, which lead to discounts.

We take the time to determine your tailor-made animation, integrating your requests and constraints , in order to deliver the service that suits you.

Morceaux - Playlist - Setlist

Each of our bands has a larger musical repertoire than their maximal concert length. We discuss about your event with you in order to design a tailored setlist that fits the mood you are looking for, going down to the titles you'd like to hear if needed.

DJ set - Sono

Our bands can also be hired as part of a formula, and be complemented with some recorded music and/or a DJ set from one of the professionals we work with.

Autres - Prestations annexes

We know that each event implies specific needs. We identify with you what other services would spare you some time, whether it is about your secular ceremony or animations and speeches you'd like to have amplified or musically embellished.

Morceaux ajoutés

For private events that really matter, as a weeding or a birthday, we always offer the possibility of including one or two titles of your choice to our setlist, including them to our general rehearsal before D-Day, for your arrival, opening dance or any other moment.

Groupe de musique - Sonorisation
Artefacts Music - Matériel sonorisation
Artefacts Music - Groupes (bands) background
Artefacts Music - Groupes (bands) background


The repertoire

The ensemble offers a sound that is both modern and retro-pop , like a repertoire that takes up great classics but also includes original and finely crafted arrangements of more recent songs , inspired by the work of collectives of known covers, such as Postmodern Jukebox, Scary Pockets or Pomplamoose. Lovers of good old dirty rock, go your way!

The trio version includes Atlantine on vocals and guitar, Théo on guitars, Constantin on drums, and the latter two in second vocals.

Declined to four musicians for longer, more present or more dancing sets , it is reinforced by Sergio or Pierre-Dominique on bass.

Finally, it does not ignore small formats, offering a light and refined duet version , with two voices and two guitars.

You will hear old reworked standards like I don't want to work , Fever , or Stand by Me coexist without difficulty with the essential Virtual Insanity of Jamiroquai ,  I Wish by Stevie Wonder, Queen , Love on Top by Beyoncé or a funk medley by Britney Spears ...!

Not to mention more current hits like Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa , How Long by Charlie Puth or FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and Kanye West .

The interpretation differs according to the moods and can be swinged  to accompany your glass of wine at Château La Coste, more funky to liven up your agency's end-of-year afterwork, or even dancing to give rhythm to the end of your cocktail.

The musicians


Artefacts was created in spring 2021 by Théo, Constantin and Atlantine, and conceived as a synthesis of the experience accumulated during the performances of previous years.

Artefacts offers a varied repertoire of well-known titles, English and French, which generally fall into two categories: soul and pop .

[Trio] Balance ton quoi
00:00 / 00:37
[LIVE] Toxic
00:00 / 00:29

 30 min à 3h

  • Extraits audio Artefacts - SoundCloud
  • Playlist vidéo Artefacts - YouTube
[Trio] Wait for a Moment
00:00 / 00:40
[LIVE] Lost in Japan
00:00 / 00:47
High Kontakt
Tache originale LARGE

High  Kontakt

The musicians

Cinq musiciens
Huit musiciens

Maxime, Mouz, Atlantine and Théo have prepared strong vocal lines for you. On guitars, Théo, Clément and Raphaël provide continuous service, while Dibo on bass and Mouz or Constantin on drums take charge.

For bigger occasions, Antoine (their favorite engineer) comes to help make sure that everyone is in their place.

No need to invite the whole orchestra for your birthday: the size may vary depending on what will be appropriate for your event.

The repertoire

Tache originale LARGE

 45 min à 3h30

The common thread: titles that appeal to and speak to the whole family . From there, no limit. Pop hits Let's Get it Started , American Boy and Treasure rub shoulders with the Machistador, Un dimanche aux Goudes and other Soulstorms.

Old classics of all kinds (Fresh, Le Freak, I Shot the Sheriff, Sweet Home Alabama ...) mingle with the hip-hop verses of No Diggity or Getting Jiggy Wit It .

And then, because you should never take yourself too seriously, High Kontakt distributes its second-degree doses to whoever wants them. You will be able to let these shameful songs hidden in your playlists express themselves, satisfy those who love The Sardines, those who want A Woman Like You, or the unconditional ecumenicals of Frunkp * .

High Kontakt - 2022
High Kontakt après les balances
High Kontakt
High Kontakt Soirée privée
High Kontakt - Marseille
High Kontakt - Fin de concert
High Kontakt - Répétition
[LIVE] American Boy
00:00 / 00:43
[LIVE] Mama Sam
00:00 / 00:35
[LIVE] I Wish / Wild Wild West
00:00 / 01:01

* If you don't want to take responsibility for everything, we can.

Hips Don't Lie
00:00 / 04:29
  • Playlist vidéo High Kontakt - YouTube
  • Extraits audio High Kontakt - SoundCloud
[LIVE] No Diggity
00:00 / 00:56

High Kontakt is first and foremost a bunch of friends who sought to make music , not for glory, but to have fun and share a good time. It is a journey built on the job, a compendium of unusual anecdotes, unexpected discoveries and collective investment .

It is with a very colorful sound that the group diffuses its energy to you. Whether you are going to the votive festivals of Saint-Privat in Rousset, Saint-Eloi in Lascours, the Fête de la Musique or La Scène in Aix (its historic haunt!), All you need is a little goodwill to let you get carried away.

If you want something low-key for your meal, if your DJ doesn't like being overshadowed, clearly choose another lineup.

Traspigut Quartet
Tache originale LARGE
Tache originale LARGE

Traspigut Quartet

The collective's instrumental project , recently redesigned, which brings together seasoned musicians, jazz lovers in the widest possible sense . We find in the influences of the latter the pillars of the genre, contemporary and fusion projects like Snarky Puppy, and a plethora of inspiring musicians, from Avishai Cohen to Pino Palladino via Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock and many others. ...

It is by seeking to offer an eclectic synthesis , and by provoking a generous dialogue on stage , that the musicians of the ensemble invite you to liven up your moment. Whether you are looking for light elevator music (let's not be afraid of words), a lounge atmosphere with more electro sounds, or a performance with a deeper groove, the Traspigut Quartet will not disappoint you. not.

The musicians


Gaël's keyboards and Théo's guitars provide a host of harmonies, solidly supported by Sergio's bass and Constantine's drums. For a lounge or funk atmosphere, a maximum of colors and a constant presence, this is the quartet configuration that we recommend .

The more intimate or traditional executives will appreciate the trio variation of this formation, for a better proximity with the instruments and a more acoustic spirit .

By seeking its identity, the group has built its musical research around great jazz standards: Take Five, So What, Blue Bossa, Black Orpheus, Spain, Summer Time... Rhythmic back and forth between swing and Latin music.  


On this repertoire have been added more fusion, more funk tracks, such as The  Chicken by Jaco Pastorius or Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock. Other explorers like  George duke  Where  Billy Cobham are also represented, and the new repertoire of the Traspigut Quartet continues to expand.

Depending on the aesthetic sought, the group is armed with several original compositions and has set up many improvisations that will give you plenty of time to go around your opening, to finish your conversation, or to loot this plate of petits fours which has been watching you since the start of the evening.

  • Playlist vidéo Traspigut Quartet - YouTube
  • Extraits audio Traspigut Quartet - SoundCloud
Traspigut Quartet - Salon du mariage

The repertoire


 30 min à 5h

Mainstream & Latin Jazz

Luiz Bonfá - Black Orpheus
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Miles Davis - So What


George Duke - It's On
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man


Billie Eilish - Getting Older
Traspigut Quartet 2022

Traspigut Quartet 2022


Traspigut Quartet - Mariage

Traspigut Quartet - Mariage

Jazz au vin d'honneur

Traspigut Trio

Traspigut Trio

Gala Grande école - Toulon, Oct. 2021

Traspigut Quartet

Traspigut Quartet

Jazz pour cocktail

Traspigut Quartet

Traspigut Quartet

Trio jazz pour repas

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